About Us

Denver, Colorado rapper Hanzo the Phantom was born into a family of talented musicians. In high school, he developed a talent for poetry and songwriting while he cultivated his production skills in film and music. At his church, he refined his techniques in audio/visual engineering. He seemed to excel at everything, including his academic pursuits.

At age sixteen, Hanzo graduated from The Denver School of Science & Technology and then continued his education at Tuskegee University to study Aerospace Science and Engineering. He wrote songs all throughout college and realized, after years of keeping his music a secret, that he needed the creative outlet.

After graduating with his Bachelor of Science (cum laude), he relocated to Seattle, WA, to work in the aerospace engineering industry. He seemed to have achieved all of his goals, but up until that point, he put little energy into his love for music. He started Trackyon Music and Entertainment, LLC and cemented his new path.

Since then, Hanzo The Phantom continues to break new ground in his artistry. His newest EP, Hotbox-N-Smoothies Vol. 1 features verses from Jelie, Ariel Saree, Koo Qua, and Dante That Guy. The Rap Hippies said that the rapper gives his listeners β€œdouble entendres left and right but maintains [his] chill flow throughout [the track].”

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