The Smoke EP

The Smoke - EP

Egypt Robinson - Trackyon Music Media Correspondent

Hanzo The Phantom’s The Smoke is a lyrical homecoming and a reclamation of his genius. Though deeply acquainted with his vulnerable side, his hardcore lyrical talent is not to be forgotten. As it is frequently chanted in the EP, “Where there is smoke, there is fire.” That’s just it. This project is fire, a lyrical masterpiece, even.

Let’s dive in.

Haunting melodies grace the opening track while rapid fire rhymes captivate the ear. With unapologetic delivery of wordplay and rhymes, The Phantom and Chy Reco leave their imprint in our minds.

In addition to his musical mastery, this lyrical God reminds us anew of his versatility. He follows up with a country influenced tune, highlighting the harmonious coexistence of contrasting music styles. The fun doesn’t end there however, as astounding features from Paydro610 and Sun Dolce take the song to new lyrical heights.

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Now Introducing a captivating beat and a unique expression of rhymes, we’re shown once more The Phantom’s elitism. His confidence, word choice, swag and stylistic choices are sprinkled across everything he touches, and this track is no different.

In an extended number, fans can expect a stronger dose of rhythmic bliss, as the Phantom, and gifted artists Teach and Myell Westcoast sound off with poetic talent.

There’s no better way to conclude the project than with The Phantom and Megatron, two lyrical heavyweights. Put these two on a track and greatness will unfold. Their final number narrates a tale of infidelity and failed love, themes highly universal of the contemporary dating scene.

Watch the W.Y.B. Video - Shot by @DrewShotYa Directed by Hanzo The Phantom

Once more Hanzo The Phantom proves himself a rap master, possessing an endless vault of exclusive lyricism. His gift with words and innovative production is evidence enough of his iconism.

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