HotBox-N-Smoothies, Vol. 1

HotBox-N-Smoothies, Vol. 1

Egypt Robinson - Trackyon Music Media Correspondent

Through vibrant visuals and clever lyrics, Hanzo the Phantom proves himself a genius. Unique like his name, this STEM student turned musician is authenticity personified. His approach to the art world is nothing less than versatile given the numerous creative avenues he’s explored. With music being his passion, the artist has given life to a plethora of projects including HotBox-N-Smoothies. Said project stems from the creative spontaneity of a smoke session between friends, highlighting the artistic enhancement cannabis provides.

In this creatively coed project, listeners are destined for a melodically pleasing, paraphernalia-stricken journey. Though a bit mysterious as his title suggests, The Phantom clearly knows the route to a stoner’s senses. His distinct lyricism and alluring beats depict the wonders of cannabis and sound. When paired with artists like Ariel Saree, Koo Qua, and Megatron,  to name a few, exceptionalism is inevitable. See for yourself.

Opening with a techno-stricken instrumental and thrill-inducing lyrics, we’re taken along his creative journey. It is here that we’re granted a glimpse into his artistry where he references creative formulas, trials, and goals. While the track affords a peek at his story, his catchy lyrics gift us a contact high as he praises Mary Jane. Afterall, she plays a key role in the craft. 

Transitioning into a mid tempo tune adorned by whimsical wordplay, we’re acquainted with a duo professing vulnerable lyrical expression. This anecdotal number examines themes of childhood, loss, mental health, and spirituality.

Now greeted by a dreamy instrumental and an inviting female voice, this tune braces us for adventures of Kush, Hennesy, and The Phantom’s strategic wordplay. The delivery of his rhymes is uncanny, to put it lightly and they mesh splendidly with an inebriating beat. Paired with a soul-caressing male voice and expressive female lyrics, this track shows the collision of intoxication, seduction, and sensuality. 

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Now blessing music fanatics with a lively beat drop and motivational themes, a powerhouse duo depicts the alluring branches of success. Embellished by a catchy hook and incessantly impressive rhymes, this track is nothing short of exhilarating.

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Finally, a jazz-filled tune sets the mood for a festively freaky atmosphere. A vibe as such inspires feelings of ecstasy. HotBox-N-Smoothies is an auditory getaway, a concept specific to the artist given his love for creative escapism. That’s the aesthetic of this project: whether it’s visual or lyrical, creativity is the vehicle to realms unknown. 



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