Back To The Grind - EP

Back To The Grind

Egypt Robinson - Trackyon Music Media Correspondent

Through Elite production, spectacular rhymes, and flow, Back To The Grind is artistic gold. The strategic use of sound and sensory appeal place the project into final form. Collabing with production champ and close friend Walter Strumm, this EP is an execution of divine creative work. It signifies a musical homecoming and highlights The Phantom's top-notch delivery.

The project opens with catchy lyrics and a vibrant instrumental, while The Phantom serves excellence. Now transitioning into a suggestive slow jam, the rap master sets the mood for a night of sex, good vibes, and trees.

His enticing words against Strumm’s otherworldly production make for audial bliss.

Now exploring themes specific to the dating world, the creative graces listeners again with his uncanny lyricism. Rhyme after rhyme, his poetic expression is beyond pleasing to the ear. Said expression rides an alluringly piercing beat. Eargasmic proves a more fitting term for this number, given how striking it is.

(Photo - Walter Strumm Casually Shredding - Instagram @pplcallmerich)

Finally closing with an exquisite beat, Hanzo’s rhymes show the crossing of vulnerability and faith, two vital elements of artistry and life.

(Photo - Hanzo The Phantom @ Bright Future Media - Instagram @pplcallmerich)

The validity of his exceptionalism is found in each body of work. His rhymes, collabs, and production choices are nothing short of otherworldly, as they’re guaranteed to leave a mark on his audience. Recognition is valued, but it isn’t pivotal, hence his confidence and prominent sense of self.












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Also, a primary source tells of a new Short Film Project coming from Hanzo and Walter. More to come.